“On Whiteness: A Symposium”

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The Kitchen’s “On Whiteness: A Symposium,” conducted in partnership with the Racial Imaginary Institute, addresses phenomenology, distortions and diagnostics of white dominated space through keynote addresses, panel discussions and a musical performance.

Speakers include author Linda Alcoff, historian and artist Nell Painter and legal scholar and author Patricia Williams. A discussion on cultural representation and appropriation with Jeff Chang, Aruna D’Souza, Daniel Borzutsky, Sarah Lewis and Doreen St. Felix will be moderated by Chris Chen in the morning, followed by a panel led by Rizvana Bradley with Lauren Berlant, Sadhana Bery, Jane Caflisch, Lori Gruen and Saidiya Hartman. Vijay Iyer will perform and then join Claudia Rankine, Patricia Williams, Linda Alcoff and Nell Painter for the evening’s closing discussion.

The event will also be livestreamed on YouTube.