Meet ALL ARTS Editorial Advisory Board Member JiaJia Fei

Meet ALL ARTS Editorial Advisory Board Member JiaJia Fei

In advance of the Jan. 28 launch of the ALL ARTS broadcast channel and streaming apps, we would like to introduce our readers to members of our editorial advisory board. Below, an interview with social media maven JiaJia Fei, director of digital at The Jewish Museum.

Name: JiaJia Fei

Title/Organization: Director of Digital, The Jewish Museum

Please describe your work:

As director of digital, my role involves managing every online platform of The Jewish Museum — from to social media — to bring greater visibility to our exhibitions, collection and programming.

What excites you about ALL ARTS and what do you hope to contribute as a member of its editorial advisory board?

I am excited to be a part of an organization set out to bring greater access to art for the public, while considering all entry points. I am honored to be a part of such a dynamic board of leaders in their respective fields, and look forward to contributing to the conversation by advocating for technology solutions that can propel accessibility.

What void do you think ALL ARTS can fill in terms of coverage of arts and culture in New York City and beyond?

The art world is in urgent need of more diverse perspectives and meaningful coverage of culture creativity beyond the most-viewed, most-liked superlatives from our age of hype. For the local residents of New York City, we live in one of the most culturally-rich metropolitan areas in the world, yet many still feel alienated or unwelcome in their own neighborhood museums. Covering all aspects of how people experience and consume culture today, and through new voices, can do so much to open up these spaces for all.

What was your most memorable arts experience?

My most memorable arts experiences are always ones that encourage me to go deeper, sometimes even spiraling into independent research about an artist, movement or era. On a recent trip to Vienna, although I only had an hour to visit the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), I later spent hours exploring its collection online. I always appreciate when museums consider the new “digital visitor” who may never even have the chance to be there physically, but can still find ways to explore and grasp an understanding of their mission and purpose virtually.

What performance / exhibition / arts event are you most looking forward to in 2019?

In New York, I’m looking forward to the opening of The Shed this spring.  At The Jewish Museum, we are presenting an exhibition of immersive contemporary art inspired by the life and work of musician Leonard Cohen. Within the global art world, the Venice Biennale is always my favorite time of year, and the perfect excuse to go back to Venice.

Why is art important in today’s society and where do you see your work fitting into that purpose?

Art is a mirror of our world, and our world is diverse, complex and sometimes even at odds with one another. As someone lucky enough to be exposed to art since a young age, I’ve always questioned why as children we are taught how to read books, but never how to read or look at pictures. By helping to insert more (digital) pictures into the world, and to interpret them, I hope to further the visual literacy of our society.

Is there an upcoming ALL ARTS show that you’re particularly looking forward to?

I’m hoping to expand my appreciation of the arts across more disciplines such as the performing arts, theater and music.

What’s your latest obsession?

Obsessively tidying up my apartment after watching “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix.

What are you currently reading?

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama, of course!